Going round the house changing the clocks, the cooker, the microwave, the watches to GMT brings home to me that autumn has arrived in earnest. The Great South Run is on TV, the leaves have changed colour to gold from green and T-shirts have been replaced by jumpers in the seasonal wardrobe exchange!

Some may see the changing of the season as a negative in the cycle of life but being ever the positive thinker I see it as a time to refresh, look to new opportunities and even a little self reinvention.

Having had a brilliant summer as a GamesMaker and followed this with a holiday AND another birthday, I find myself with the days I devoted to volunteering available to take on new and exciting projects.

How to profitably use the rest of my time whilst benefiting other charities and not-for-profit organisations is the question? Well I'm open to offers of course, but also have discovered a great new product to bring charities and businesses together Challenge Manager

A great deal of effort is expended on traditional training courses in trying to create learning opportunities that simulate real life experiences and challenge people to realise their full potential. The most obvious examples of this are outward-bound type courses that provide experiences and risk in a managed environment.

However, people sometimes find it hard to relate the learning experience to their daily working life.

Instead, Challenge Manager offers real challenges, with real risk, that will strengthen the learning opportunities of a development programme, and which also benefit the community or a charity.

"Challenge Manager offer something unusual, exciting and high impact that rewards you, your teams and the community with the achievement of something phenomenal"

A group of people work together with a Challenge Manager on developing the skills they want to improve that contribute to business success.  Part of the development activities will be to complete a Challenge in a set timeframe. The specification for the Challenge will be provided by Challenge Manager, and will be a charity or community project, which fits with the company culture.

The length of the Challenge depends on what the group hopes to achieve.  Most of the Challenges so far have been issued and completed in a day!

The team work with the Challenge Managers to complete a charity or community Challenge.  The Challenges are just that – you will have objectives, guidelines, and deadlines.  You will have to do the impossible and work together using all your skills and creativity to succeed in an exciting real life experience.

Everyone wins…..the participants by taking part, the charity or community, the business and Challenge Manager too

There are a range of Challenges ready to go, including one based in Hampshire NOW!

If you know of any company who dream of having a team that can achieve the impossible please put them in contact with me.

I look forward to introducing the business community to the benefits of this WIN, WIN, WIN, opportunity.