Well what a Summer it has been! Hard to believe anyone in the country hasn't been touched by some aspect of the events of Summer 2012 - whether it be the Diamond Jubilee, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games or the Mayor of London's Parade.

I certainly feel extremely privileged to have played a part in it. Being a Games Maker was a life changing experience for me - I've met complete strangers who have become friends; I've started a new venture in my business and I've witnessed a public outpouring of patriotism making me proud of my fellow Britons AND maybe the most remarkable of all felt a tangible change in attitude to disability which can only make us all better people.

It was really great to pull on my red and purple Games Maker uniform on the 29th August and return to the team I'd volunteered alongside for the Olympic Games. The war

m welcome which awaited the four of us who'd volunteered for both Games was terrific. The Media and PR Team was once more complete. And following the incredible Opening Ceremony the sport began - and what sport it was!

The ParalympicsGB medal haul began - continuing where TeamGB had left off. Venues sold out and the sun shone! Walking across the Olympic Park to and from the Main Press Centre the atmosphere of wonderment was tangible - people were witnessing feats of human achievement they wouldn't have believed had they not seen it with their own eyes.

And we had fun in our office too - from Gareth A Davies the Telegraph journalist who was a star of the Channel 4 coverage comparing my hair to the "mane" sported by the lion mascot supporting TeamGB and ParalympicsGB - yes there is photographic evidence - to Lord Coe having us in hysterics, demonstrating that a Games Maker baseball cap and dark glasses would be sufficient disguise to enable him to walk across the Park undetected so he could experience the atmosphere. No chance!

The international media did a fantastic job and in the UK the Games were front page news once again. In all my career I don't remember being part of something so positive. It was a joy to dedicate my time to contributing to the amazing operation that is LOCOG. And at the very end - as a Thank You surprise - it was amazing to be at the Closing Ceremony - an opportunity to end my role on a real high.

On the final day we all received a letter from Lord Coe which I think sums it up brilliantly.

Dear All,

What an incredible Paralympic Games it has been. The work that each of you has done over the last weeks, months and years has provided an incredible stage, from which the world’s best athletes have inspired a generation.

Together we have raised the bar – the London 2012 Paralympic Games have had more athletes, more spectators and more coverage than ever before.

I am incredibly proud of what we have delivered and of each one of you.  The Games we staged have made a real difference.  We will never think of sport the same way and we will never think of disability the same way.  We have in our own ways helped to lift the clouds of limitation.

Our research reinforces the impact that these Games are having on the nation. Over 80 per cent of Britons agree that the London 2012 Paralympic Games demonstrated athletes’ abilities ahead of their disabilities.

1 in 3 UK adults say the Games changed their attitude towards people with disabilities.

65 per cent of people agree the Games have brought about a breakthrough in the way disabled people are viewed in the UK.

We said we wanted the Games to change attitudes towards people with a disability, and they have.  The athletes and the spectators have been extraordinary and we owe them a great deal – their determination, their talent, their passion and their engagement.

Whatever you go on to achieve, I hope you will always look back on these Games with enormous pride and the knowledge that you genuinely made a difference. You helped change attitudes and you were part of, as The Times splashed across their front page yesterday, the greatest summer since records began.

Thank you.


Sebastian Coe

Chair, LOCOG